Set Sail by Kristin

Handmade Beach Resin Bracelet

$14.95 $28.00

Kristin has been a pleasure to work with. She has an extremely kind and laidback spirit that we've grown to love here at Oceanista. She is passionate about her artwork and it shows in every piece she creates down to the packaging.

The beach and ocean scene is embedded into the resin and painted by hand, making it a one of a kind bracelet. The adjustable vegan suede leather cord allows for extra comfort and can expand to 9 inches in circumference.

Choose Your Color!

Sandy Sea - Ocean Fog - Seafoam Blue

• Handmade in Southern California.
• Material: Rhodium coated stainless steel with vegan suede leather cords.
• Avoid wearing while bathing or swimming.
• No two bracelets are alike
• 3 colors to choose from! Sandy Sea, Ocean Fog, or Seafoam Blue

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