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Our Story


Meet The Founder

Welcome to Oceanista! We're a company founded in 2017 by Jennifer, an Oceanista of half Thai and half Polish descent. She grew up on the beaches of Hawaii, Florida, and the Indiana Dunes before settling in Huntington Beach, California. Our love for the ocean runs deep, and we're stoked to share it with women around the world who share our passion.

Jennifer embodies the essence of a true Oceanista, drawing inspiration from the power of the ocean, the exfoliating benefits of sand, and the revitalizing energy of the sun. Her entrepreneurial background, travel experience as a flight attendant, and expertise as a nurse and esthetician enable her to share her passion for the beach and beauty with like-minded women who want to bring a bit of coastal charm into their lives.

We kicked off Oceanista by curating subscription boxes filled to the brim with beachy goodness from a variety of awesome brands. However, we've decided to switch things up after this summer and focus solely on creating our own branded products - it was a tough decision, but we know it's the right move. By doing what we do best and crafting high-quality, ocean-inspired products, we can ensure that our customers always get the best of the best.

At Oceanista, we're all about Seaside, Self-care, and Serenity. We believe that taking care of yourself should be just as enjoyable as soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach. That's why we've curated a collection of beach-inspired products that help you relax, rejuvenate, and unwind. From handmade candles that transport you to the beach with their sea-salt and sand scents, to natural skincare that nourishes and hydrates your skin, to stunning beach accessories that complement your beachy lifestyle, we've got you covered.

We are dedicated to safeguarding the environment and advancing sustainability by offering eco-friendly and sustainable products as caretakers of the Earth. Our respect for God underpins our pledge to preserve the natural world, especially the ocean. We believe in cherishing and admiring God's creations, and we also believe in their responsible conservation. In accordance with Gen 2:15, we are tasked with cultivating and preserving the garden entrusted to us by God. We are devoted to this responsibility and welcome everyone who shares our devotion to environmental stewardship and everlasting faith.

Come celebrate Seaside, Self-Care, and Serenity with us. We'll catch some waves, bask in the sun and saltwater, and enjoy the ocean's beauty and tranquility together.