I'm JJ, founder of Oceanista® 

I'm so grateful you're here! 

I grew up on the beaches of Hawaii, Florida, the Indiana Dunes, and finally ended up in Huntington Beach, CA. 

I have always loved the beach and ocean.

My beach bag is always ready to go, packed with the essentials for a day by the waves. I find the water rejuvenating, the sand exfoliating, and the sun intoxicating.

In true Oceanista form, I also love collecting seashells, seaglass, keeping the beach clean, and taking care of my skin.

I've always been an entrepreneur at heart with a lust for freedom. I spent years traveling the world as a flight attendant and was an esthetician in my past life. 

After years of living all things Oceanista, I decided it was time I share my passion with other mermaids just like you! 

I absolutely love scouring the globe for unique pieces my fellow Oceanista's will love and am so excited we're on this journey together.