Apothecary Safety Matches - Turquoise - 60 Count


Our Apothecary Safety Matches from Oceanista are a sophisticated option for storing your matches. The unique bottle features the word "Safety Matches" and Oceanista's exclusive strike-on-bottle design that has a striker strip on the back of the bottle for lighting all your matches in style.

Our stylish turquoise tip safety matches are the perfect compliment to any beach and ocean lover space. They make the perfect gift alongside one of our hand poured Coco-Apricot Soy Wax candles. Once the jar is empty you can use it as a mini bud vase or add your own matches!

Materials: Turquoise colored tip matches in an apothecary-inspired glass bottle with a cork top and a striker on the side. Includes 60 matches.
Bottle Dimensions: 4.5" tall (with cork) x 2.5" wide
Matchsticks: 60 matches at approx. 2.5" in length

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