Homeplace Creations

Mermaid at Heart Ornament


By The Nola Watkins Collection

Homeplace Creations was the original name for the company started by Nola Watkins in Halifax, Virginia in 1990 producing a wide variety of hand-painted ceramic pottery at the family dining room table. Nola started drawing and painting as a child and has always found a lot of pleasure from her artwork and the creative process. 

Everyone is in love with their Mermaid at Heart Ornament! The attention to detail adds a touch of your mermaid lovin' soul to your Christmas tree or display it all year round!

    Artisan Highlights:
    • Hand painted in Southern Virginia since 1990
    • Made out of ceramic
    • Disk shaped flat ornament
    • Every ornament has been hand painted individually
    • Premium 1/4" thick
    • 3.5" wide
    • Gift box included

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