Featured Artisan

Whitney Brumley

Hi! I am Whitney and the creator of WLB Designs. After a few years of helping friends and family decorate their front doors with wreaths, I finally took the leap to offer my creations to everyone on Etsy. I grew up and now live in Southern California where I spent many days on or in the water. While I am probably the worst sketch artist ever, I love creating ocean-inspired pieces and when I found resin I just couldn't stop creating these totally unique and realistic seashores. From coasters to states, cheeseboards to extra large wall art, I love adding a little slice of the beach to every home I send my pieces to - without all the annoying sand that usually comes along with!

After following Whitney’s Instagram page for months, I knew we needed one of her art pieces in our box! Go check out her art process videos on her page and see the ocean come to life in her resin artwork. Wow! When I found out she lived only 15 minutes away from me, I said to myself, “It’s meant to be!” I can’t thank Whitney enough for putting up with all of my requests in making these Beach Art resin coasters/trivets work in this season’s box. This is by far Oceanista’s most rewarding project. The end result is ahhhh-mazing, and I am so glad we pushed through it so each and every one of our members can enjoy her special beach scene crafts for themselves. Please visit Whitney at her Etsy shop and social media sites to purchase more of her lovely crafts!

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